Q & A with Nancy Feldbush – 2019

Nancy Feldbush is the Editor and Chief and Creative Director of HSM Magazines. She also serves as communications director for those publications. She will be at A Rally of Writers discussing what it takes to get your work into a magazine.

How long have you been in your job?

It’s been five and a half years since I started working for the Historical Society of Michigan, which publishes Michigan History magazine.

What drew you to Michigan History?

I love everything Michigan – our lakes, our lands, our history, our diverse peoples. And learning more about our Great Lakes
State is always exciting for me.

What makes a good story for your magazine? What excites you?

It is absolutely fascinating how many times our readers have told us, “I never knew that.” I always enjoy being able to include those lesser-known stories of our state’s history and heritage.

What are you seeing a lot of, in terms of pitches?

There has never been a “pattern” to the queries we receive. When our Editorial Committee reviews queries, we are amazed about all the stories there are yet to tell about Michigan’s history. In recent review sessions, we approved queries about Native-American fiber weaving, a Muskegon shootout, Detroit’s Paradise Valley, and an experimental mint farm in the U.P.

What is one tip you’d give to someone who writes for you?

Read our guidelines, and get to know Michigan History magazine.

Andrea King Collier
Freelance Journalist and Author
Portfolio: andreacollier.contently.com
For A Rally of Writers 2019