Q & A with Dayna Edwards – 2019

Dayna Edwards will be moderating one of the panels at A Rally of Writers. We wanted you to know a little more about her and her work. Here’s what she had do say:

You have a long and diversified career. What do you like to do the most?

That is a difficult question because I have loved it all! Everything I have done has always led to the next unexpected adventure and I’m just grateful for the journey!

I think there are two – building trust and being a good listener. I have found that the best answers always come from follow-up questions.

How has your work changed since you started?

When I first started, I was in my 20’s and was doing live remotes and a lot of free lance television commercial work. Soon after, I was a host on both television and radio interview shows, until later when I went corporate. My 11 years within a Fortune-500 company allowed me to continue in the media profession as an on-camera interviewer, corporate trainer and corporate photographer. After earning my master’s degree in Leadership, I was promoted to a leadership position and built an in-house media department that created educational videos, tutorials and podcasts.

You also do voiceover work. How did you get started. Tell us about it.

I’ve been doing voice-over work since I began in my 20’s and it has never stopped. The only change is that I’ve recently burned my boat (quit my job), in order to come home to begin doing voice work on my own instead of under the umbrella of an organization or company. It’s my next chapter, along with writing some books of my own and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Andrea King Collier
Freelance Journalist and Author
Portfolio: andreacollier.contently.com
For A Rally of Writers 2019